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      Spend $75 to get free local delivery! — $10 shipping anywhere in the US.
      ATX Shop Stories: OHM ESSENTIALS

      ATX Shop Stories: OHM ESSENTIALS

      Mukthi Dasaraju grew up with cystic acne that just wouldn't leave her alone. Even after prescription medicine finally cleared up her acne, she was still left with dry skin and visible dark spots.

      In 2017, that all changed when researching and mixing her own skincare oils not only saved her skin from the dryness and spots, but led to her starting a business to help others with their skincare woes: OHM ESSENTIALS.

      Get to know Mukthi Dasaraju of OHM Essentials

      What were you doing before opening your shop?

      I was working at Apple in the Supply Chain Organization before starting my business. After OHM was up and running, I returned to the tech world to continue my career while simultaneously running the business.

      What led you to open it – what was your vision?

      I was terrorized with terrible cystic acne growing up, and unfortunately the only remedy I found was prescription medication. Isotretinoin was rough on my mind and body but eventually it did clear up my skin. But, I was still left with a ridiculous amount of dark spots and dry skin. I spent thousands of dollars trying different products to fix this issue but to no avail. 

      OHM ESSENTIALS began when I realized that the home remedies I grew up using in India were more effective than the chemical products found on the market today. I started to research and mix my own oils and butters in my kitchen in 2017. Before long, I saw that my skin was radiating and my acne spots were disappearing. I started handing out my newly created products to family and friends and realized that I had created an inexpensive, natural product that people needed.

      How has your shop evolved since then?

      I started the business as something to keep me busy when I took time off from my career in tech. I didn't expect it to continuously grow and gain traction. Now I can truly consider myself a small business vs. a hobby. I am excited about the potential I have with OHM.

      Tell us about 3 popular, cool or interesting products that best reflect your shop.

      1. Whipped Mango Butter - This is my number one selling product and I am extremely product of it. It is a rich moisturizer that it extremely versatile in its uses and will keep you hydrated ALL day. It is also non-comedogenic, which means it won't break you out and so safe to use on your face.

      2. Exfoliating Red Bean Scrub - This scrub is a variation of a product I used growing up in India. It is filled with a variety of natural ingredients from roots to clay to flowers. It is gentle enough to use on your face and though enough to exfoliate your entire body as well.

      3. Hydrating Hair Serum - I believe America is slowly catching on to the benefits of oiling your hair and I hope to help that movement. This product does wonders for your hair. Strength, shine, length, volume - you name it, this serum will help you achieve it.

      Why did you choose to open in Austin?

      I have lived in Austin for about 11 years now and it is home. Though it is rapidly evolving, growing up in city like this allowed me to be fully embrace who I am. I have so much love for Austin and the community has shown my business so much support as well.

      What are you top 3 spots in your neighborhood?

      Hollywood Eyebrow Threading - As an Indian woman, I don't let just anyone touch my brows. These ladies will hook you up.

      Juiceland - I am OBSESSED with Juiceland cold press juices. That's it. That's the tweet.

      Native Hostel - Whether I want a relax space to get some work done or if I want to turn it up a bit and grab a drink and dance, Native is the place you will find me.

      What's happening at the shop?

      I am a strictly online business, but once the world calms down a bit I plan on reaching out to retails stores to see if they would like to carry my line. I believe Austin community really loves to help each other out and I can't wait to tap into that.

      How can Austinites best support you?

      I understand that my products may not be affordable for all, or that not everyone is that into skincare. And that's ok. The best way to support OHM is to follow me on Instagram. Like my posts, share, comment. Engagement is everything and maybe you will help me find my next loyal customer.

      Who would you most like to visit the shop and why?

      Rihanna. I mean come on! Does this even need any explanation?

      Your favorite quote:

      "Work hard, play harder."

      "Discipline must remain when the motivation is gone."

      That's two but I can't pick!

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